Underground duct systems are often chosen for aesthetic reasons and to save space in building interiors. When spiral duct is going to be installed underground, many special considerations need to be made in how it is designed, manufactured and installed in order for it to perform well in its submerged environment.

At Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc., we are a leader in the manufacturing of polyvinyl steel (PVS) underground HVAC ductwork, also referred to as polyvinyl coated steel (PCD) duct and fittings. Our PVS duct is suitable for numerous applications with chemicals and air exhaust systems. We are dedicated to offering reliable and unique solutions to our customers. If you need PVS reducers, elbows, tees, or taps, our selection includes hundreds of PVS fittings to choose from.

For more detailed information, see our document on the benefits of PVS Underground Duct.

HVAC Vinyl PVS Duct

HVAC Vinyl PVS Duct


At Spiral Manufacturing Co., Inc., we have your insulated metal HVAC ductwork and PVS underground pipe needs covered. We are a leader among US underground ducting suppliers, so you can count on our team to provide the advice and guidance you need to find the optimum PVS underground pipe that meet your project’s specifications and requirements.

To learn more about the PVS underground pipe and insulated metal HVAC ductwork we offer for your industry applications, call us today at 763-755-7677 or reach us through our contact form.